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Ana is a self-motivated and conscientious freelance Specialized Translator and Language Teacher with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She prides herself on the ability to work effectively and efficiently in high pressure situations.

Ana started her Translation Activity in 2001 and her motto is quality, professionalism and confidentiality. Her working languages are English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French, and she is able to provide high quality translation, localisation, proofreading and other linguistic services into her mother tongues.

In 2005, Ana has also started her Language Teaching Activity at several schools, having her first teaching experience as a German Lecturer at an University. Since then, she has been teaching English and German at other prestigious schools, like Language Institutes, and at a renowned International School in Porto. Her vast experience in this area, working not only with teenagers but also with adults, made of Ana a dedicated Language Teaching Professional who covers the needs of every school, enterprise and student.

Ana has proved to be an excellent Language Service Provider in Translation and Language Teaching and has built a reputation of someone who is extremely dedicated to its core values.

Translation Services:                                               


Law (general)                                                             
Certificates, Diplomas, Licences, CVs                       
Medical (general)
Computers: Software, Hardware
Marketing, Tourism, other


Online Teaching



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